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Umang Desai

Software Engineer

California, USA

Work History

  • 2017

    George Mason Univ. Department of Computer Science

    Teaching Assistant

    (2017 - 2018) | Fairfax, USA

    Software Engineering:
    • Conducting lectures and presentations.
    • Grading deliverables for a full scale SDLC project, assignments, presentation peer evaluations.
    • Mentoring students on different stages of SDLC and conducting bi-weekly meetings for project review, enabling AGILE culture.

    Object Oriented Programming:
    • Mentoring undergraduates through office hours, teaching students of varying level of understanding the concepts of Java Object Oriented Programming.
    • Conducting lectures and programming labs.
    • Grading assignments, labs, projects.

  • 2017


    Blockchain Developer

    (June 2017 - Aug 2017) | NYC, USA

    • Develop and review high level design for the BlockChain. Also, find possible implementation solutions for Proof of Space(PoS).
    • Optimize Proof of Work algorithm for x86.
    • Modify difficulty adjustment algorithm to DigiByte v3.0.
    • Designed and tested unit tests for DAA and PoW algorithms.

  • 2015



    (2015 - 2016) | Mumbai, India

    • Social event discovery application to correlate user and events geospatial data and indicate suitable local events for a user.
    • Designing and developing backend, databases and data-models.
    • Maintain, monitor and review development of the application and manage project deadlines.
    • Actively involved in software architecture and product development.

  • 2012

    ESQ Business Services

    Software Engineer

    (2012 - 2014) | Cupertino, USA

    • Designed, developed and tested module to monitor JVM on a host by extracting telemetry data using JAVA, MSSQL and JMX. This was achieved via a 3 tier client-server-data backend architecture.
    • Designed and modeled a database for the data extracted. Then developed advanced filtering across multiple Mbeans for retrieving these metrics for bandwidth friendly data pipelines.
    • Configured frameworks like XStream for configuration files and models, log4j for logging.
    • Designed, developed and tested module to monitor Linux via the proc fs to analyze system performance and uptime. This was achieved with JAVA and MSSQL.
    • Developed a parsing framework for system proc files with configurable polling mechanisms.

Education History

  • 2010

    Pennsylvania State University

    BS , Information Technology

    (2010 - 2012) | Pennsylvania, USA

  • 2016

    George Mason University

    MS , Computer Science

    (2016 - 2018) | Virginia, USA

Programming Skills

  • Java/ Java EE
  • C
  • C++
  • Sql
  • Python

Language Skills

  • NativeEnglish
  • NativeHindi
  • NativeGujurati