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#1 Example Project

Video Store Manager

This is a example of how my 'Projects' page will look like. Basically what i am trying to do here is, I will have a preview of my projects in sections like these. An image accompanied by a brief description of what the project is. A link will be provided to a more descriptive section where I will explain the funtionality and features of the project.

How i intend to approach it? I hope to update the advancements in the project on the go. What changes i make, why i made them etc. will be some of the things i will be writing about. Also one of the important things i will have on this page is a link to my GIT repository for the project. There you can check out the entire source code and maybe fork it and do something of your own in the project.

I have just begun using GIT, infact it was two days back when i installed it. Its a version control system and has tons of commands. Literally TONS!!!. It will take me about 2 weeks to get used to it, as i want to learn it through command line and not through the laymens GUI.
Hope to get started soon.